Get Involved

It costs over £500,000 a year to run our current service provision supporting over 400 families a year. Of this sum £200,000 must be fundraised from local sources meaning we need to raise approx. £550 a day. Every day more and more individuals are using our services and the demand for new activities increases.  This has inevitable pressures on our funding. The current financial difficulties facing everyone is also adding to our burden and making our fundraising task even harder. Which is why we urgently need your help.  

There are a number of rewarding and funs ways you can help us raise funds:

In return for your support, we promise every pound we receive will be used wisely, cost effectively and have a direct impact on people living in Hartlepool and it's surrounding areas. 

For more information on supporting us please contact the Fundraising Team at Families First (North East)

Telephone: (01429) 867 016

Email: lThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Your money will be spent locally on those children and families who need it most.