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Toy name Toy category Toy Photo (small) Status
Sand Box with Mirror Sensory/Therapy/Visual
images/toydatabase/T0060.jpg Available
Scarbble - Giant Floor Puzzle Puzzles
images/toydatabase/T0491.jpg Available
Scramble Bug Balance
images/toydatabase/T0391.jpg Available
See Saw Rocker Physical
images/toydatabase/T0007.jpg Available
Sensory Blocks Construction
images/toydatabase/T0057.jpg Available
Sensory Centre 1 Sensory/Therapy/Visual
Sorry no image exists Available
Sensory Mood Cube Sensory/Therapy/Visual
images/toydatabase/T0505.jpg Available
Set of 4 Squidgy Panels Tactile
images/squidgy-panels.jpg Available
Set of Six Harry and the Dinosaurs Books Books
images/toydatabase/T0315.jpg Available
Set of ten Kingfisher books (vehicles) Books
images/toydatabase/T0314.jpg Available
Sew and Lace Cards Motor Skills
Sorry no image exists Available
Shape Discovery Box Story Sacks / Themed boxes
images/toydatabase/T0072.jpg Available
Shape Sorter Truck Motor Skills
images/toydatabase/T0271.jpg Available
Shark in the Park Books
images/toydatabase/T0323.jpg Available
Silly Sentences Puzzle Education
Sorry no image exists Available
Silver Vibrating Pillow Rewards and Switches
Sorry no image exists Available
Skwish Stix Suction Table Top Toy Independence
images/toydatabase/T0503.jpg Available
Sky Wheel Projectors
images/toydatabase/T0486.jpg Available
Sleepy Me Books
images/toydatabase/T0305.jpg Available
Slide and Learn 123 Books
images/toydatabase/T0349.jpg Available
Slide and Learn ABC Books
images/toydatabase/T0342.jpg Available
Small Table Seats/beds/tables
Sorry no image exists Available
Small Tricycle Physical
images/toydatabase/T0019.jpg Available
Soft Play Independence
images/toydatabase/T0398.jpg On Loan
Soft Play Independence
images/toydatabase/T0399.jpg Available
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