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Toy name Toy category Toy Photo (small) Status
James has Sensory Processing Disorder Book Books
images/toydatabase/T0434.jpg Available
Jumbo Foam Dominos Socialisation
images/toydatabase/T0472.jpg Available
Jumbo Tails Sensory/Therapy/Visual
images/toydatabase/T0078.jpg Available
Just Dance WII Console / Games
images/toydatabase/T0146.jpg Available
Kaleidoscope with 4 Glitter Tubes Sensory/Therapy/Visual
images/toydatabase/T0215.jpg Available
Katie has Autism Book Books
images/toydatabase/T0433.jpg Available
Katie the Puppet Puppets
images/toydatabase/T0026.jpg Available
Kentex Rehabilition Trike Physical
images/toydatabase/T0186.jpg Available
Kentex Trike Physical
images/toydatabase/T0185.jpg Available
Labrynth Table Motor Skills
images/toydatabase/T0385.jpg Available
Labrynth Vehicle Station Motor Skills
images/toydatabase/T0065.jpg Available
Large Fit Chair Physical
images/toydatabase/T0158.jpg Available
Large Gorilla Puppet Puppets
images/toydatabase/T0044.jpg Available
Large Orangutan Puppet Puppets
images/toydatabase/T0045.jpg Available
Large Rotation Board Balance
images/toydatabase/T0020.jpg On Loan
Large Tubey Motor Skills
images/toydatabase/T0481.jpg Available
Laser Crab Light Sensory/Therapy/Visual
images/toydatabase/T0097.jpg Available
Laser Sphere Sensory/Therapy/Visual
images/toydatabase/T0454.jpg On Loan
Laser Star Sensory/Therapy/Visual
images/toydatabase/T0453.jpg On Loan
Laser Star Sensory/Therapy/Visual
images/toydatabase/T0424.jpg Available
Lava Lamp Sensory/Therapy/Visual
images/toydatabase/T0121.jpg Awaiting repair
Lazy Ozzie Books
images/toydatabase/T0325.jpg Available
Leap Frog - Leap Pad, Pink Education
images/toydatabase/T0403.jpg Available
Leap Frog Fridge Phonics Education
images/toydatabase/T0096.jpg Available
Leap Frog Leap Pad Plus Writing Education
images/toydatabase/T0232.jpg Available
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